Trump vs Bidden in the Stock War – [Rich Dad’s StockCast]

Before we start this show, I have a warning.

There is a clown in our comment section that is a complete fraud.
He is writing as “The Rich Dad Company”. It is total B.S.!

He is trying to steal your money!

Here is a link to the REAL Rich Dad YouTube Channel:

This FAKE is hurting people and stealing from them.

He makes me so mad!

Okay that’s my PSA. Here’s the REAL link again:

About this episode: Trump is out. Bidden is in.

Does that mean stocks are going to drop?

Was there really a “Trump Bump” on the economy?

An effect that investors feel more secure and thus more likely to invest and thereby boost the economy?

Is Bidden really going to print even more money than Trump did?

Trump set the record by the way once Covid – 19 hit.

What does this change in power REALLY mean to our listeners and how they should invest?

What is Robert doing now?

What is Warren Buffett doing?


What is the star of the show, Rich Dad Advisor, Andy Tanner doing differently?

Or is it just business as usual?

That is what we are here to learn.

Because it’s what we NEED to learn.

Andy’s Reddit show he mentioned: Winning The Reddit Game

The GameStop Game Replay Reg Feb 2021

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