How to Create a Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod, Robert Kiyosaki and Kim Kiyosaki

With all the negativity and chaos going on in the world it’s difficult to find a place of balance and happiness. Today’s guest says, “What the world needs now is a paradigm shift that says it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the outer world, it’s about what’s going on inside of you.” 

Since his incredibly successful book, “The Miracle Morning” changed the lives of millions of people around the world Hal Elrod decided to take create a movie to showcase how some of the world’s most successful people start their day. Included in the movie is Hal’s journey and fight for his life when he was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer and given a 30% chance of surviving. 

Listen as hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and Hal Elrod discuss the book, the upcoming movie, and the six steps to creating your own miracle morning. 

Register to watch the life-changing film that shows you how to immediately take control of your life, one morning at a time on 12/12/2020:

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