8 Most Popular Lessons from Robert Kiyosaki in 2020! – The Rich Dad Channel

A special message from Robert Kiyosaki in 2020:

If you’re serious about getting rich, now is the time. We’ve entered a period of mass-produced pessimism when bad news is everywhere, and as Robert Kiyosaki says, “The best time to invest is when optimists become pessimists.”

Robert Kiyosaki, best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. With perspectives on money and investing that often contradict conventional wisdom, Robert has earned an international reputation for straight talk, irreverence, and courage and has become a passionate and outspoken advocate for financial education.

Watch as we’ve compiled eight of Robert’s most popular financial lessons of 2020.

00:00 Your greatest asset is your brain
02:10 Know what kind of income you’re working for
03:51 The rich don’t work for money
06:00 Listen up 401(k) investors!
07:20 Gold, Silver & Bitcoin
09:52 The world is changing
12:54 Robert’s Prophecy
15:20 Success takes discipline

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