2021 Predictions for Your Retirement – John MacGregor, Andy Tanner, and Robert Kiyosaki

Don’t think 2021 will be anything like 2020 in the stock market. In the United States, there are a lot of changes coming ahead, and the answer to protecting your 401(k) and pensions is to understand what is happening in these funds.

Today’s guests agree that the Feds have backed themselves into a corner and the only way they can keep the economy propped up is to print money and therefore inflating the stock market into an all-time high. As Robert Kiyosaki puts it, if you are prepared with financial education, you can survive no matter what the market does.

Rich Dad Advisor, Andy Tanner says, “Don’t be a Johnny-come-lately, you don’t put the seatbelt on during a car wreck.” And stresses the importance of financial education as the way for you to survive, financially speaking, in 2021.

Robert Kiyosaki and guests Andy Tanner & John MacGregor discuss their predictions for the paper assets market in 2021 and what you can do to protect your 401(k)s and pension plans.

Andy Tanner:

John MacGregor:

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