Who is The Government Bailing Out? PART TWO – Robert Kiyosaki & Brian Rose @London Real

Who is the government bailing out? In Part 2 of Robert Kiyosaki’s interview with London Real’s host, Brian Rose, they discuss who is really getting rich when the Fed prints money.

After the last financial crisis, the US government began a program of quantitative easing (QE), aka printing money. As a refresher, QE is when the Fed bolsters its balance sheet by buying treasuries to keep interest rates low. It’s like if you or I printing dollars to pay off our credit cards.
It is estimated that during this crisis, the Fed’s balance sheet could reach $5 trillion compared to $1.3 trillion following the crisis in 2008. And as more money is printed, the value of the U.S. dollar goes down.

Today, the middle class is quickly disappearing. Today, savers are losers, houses are worthless and less, there are no pensions, and essential goods for life are more and more expensive. Today, inequality is higher than it’s ever been.

In short, the middle class is screwed.

You have only two choices, become richer or become poorer. There is much opportunity to become rich for those who think like the rich. Today, it is essential that you are financially intelligent so that while others become poorer, you can become richer

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