What Is Your Plan to SURVIVE the Coronavirus Recession? – Robert Kiyosaki & Brian Rose @London Real

What is your plan to survive the coronavirus recession? In Robert Kiyosaki’s interview with London Real’s host, Brian Rose, you’ll find out how you can survive the new economy.

In the Industrial Age, resources such as copper, oil, tin, and rubber were wealth because they were used to make valuable resources. In the Industrial Age, a new class of people arose—the middle class. People did not have to think about tomorrow. If you worked hard, your employer or the government took care of you and your tomorrow. They wanted me to have the security of a good retirement plan.

Today, we live in the Information Age. Information leveraged by technology is wealth. Anyone who has the right financial education, information, and the ability to act in time can get rich. In other words, the price of getting rich has gone down.

A good financial education will teach you how to put money to work for you instead of you working for money. It will teach you how to find and purchase assets that put money in your pocket every month, how to eliminate bad debt, and avoid getting caught in the rat race of accumulating liabilities that harm your financial future. It will teach you how to build wealth in the new economy.

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