The Brian Altriche business leadership journey

Brian Altriche most definitely challenges the stereotype of a serious, accomplished businessman. At the start of his working life he did not have a career as a business owner in his sights. Far, far from it. In fact, everything he did was motivated by the desire to be – what he defined as – free.

Ironically, this desire for a particular kind of independent lifestyle, is exactly what drove Altriche into the sometimes thrilling, often frightening, unpredictable arms of entrepreneurship.  Which ultimately (a few decades down the track) culminated in his status as a business leader and franchise founder, whose Rocomamas franchise today boasts 59 stores.

However, the road that led to a reported personal net worth of R400 million in 2016, is a feast of successes, failures, curved balls, grit and determination, and inspired creative business thinking – all of which Altriche generously shares with us in this face to video interview.

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