Matters Financial and Geopolitical from a Frontier @alykhansatchu

Investors need to have their wits, #Africa Markets 2016 Performance, Cathedral a Novel, Mario Vargas Llosa, #AmboseliNationalPark, New Year, Tsar Nicholas, Islamic State, Turkey, Istanbul, Ban Ki Moon, North Korea, Trump, Putin, MOSCOW, Barack Obama, @Chafuen, Behind the Lens, Currency Markets, Euro, Dollar Index, Pound,
China Forex​,​ @christinelu​, ​Christine Lu​, ​Sterling​, ​Commodity​, ​ Gold​, ​BITCOIN​, ​oil​, Venezuela​, ​​World’s Best Stock Rally​, ​Sub Saharan Africa​, ​DRC’s Catholic Church​, ​ Kabila​, ​Angola​, ​Rand​, ​Egypt Pound​, ​Buhari​, ​International Finance Corporation​, ​ BRITAM EA​, ​Joe Mucheru​, ​Deacons Kenya​, ​Kenya Shilling​.​

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