Matters Financial and Geopolitical from a Frontier @alykhansatchu

Lord Alfred Tennyson, BITCOIN, World Equity Indices, 360-degree spatial sounds, @David_Yarrow, BLACK PANTHER, Elephants in the Maasai Mara, Fairmont Safari Club, Rodrigo Duterte, Russia, Middle East, Russia for cyberattacks, Barack Obama,
sanctions Russia​, ​ Putin​, ​Trump​, ​@wikileaks​, ​Gilt Yields​, ​Euro​, ​Dollar Index​, ​Japan Yen, ​ Pound​, ​Commodities​, ​The S&P​, ​Gold​, ​oil​, ​Emerging Markets​, ​Frontier Markets​, ​Ethiopia​, ​Nigeria​, ​Naira​, ​Sanlam​ ​Kenya​, ​Kenya’s inflation​, ​Kenya Shilling​.​

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