“It’s amazing how many business leaders can’t answer the very simple questions.”

Dudu Msomi is passionate about business leadership development, but in her world, coaching a company’s leaders often transmutes into facilitating business strategy, team building, mentoring and a number of other disciplines. This occurs, according to Msomi, because very often leaders think that they know what the problem is in their organisation – mistakenly. In her view, this misconception is often born out of an inability to interrogate a company’s status quo with the simplest of questions. 

Which in itself makes Msomi unusual as a leadership consultant; because she doesn’t believe in confusing the issues and needlessly inflating a situation with theories, models and other intellectual theorising.

In this short video extracted from her full length interview with us, Msomi discusses her intervention technique for business leaders and provides some powerful questions for them to ask themselves.

Keep an eye out for the full length interview, due to be published on August 16.

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