“Change has to come from you wanting to believe in a different life outcome for yourself.”

The list of Rapelang Rabana’s commercially successful tech innovations and professional achievements speak for themselves. What never ceases to surprise her however, is the number of people who ask her to share her ‘magic bullet’, or the story of how she got so lucky.

Rabana’s success story has very little to do with luck or circumstances and external conditions. In fact, if she had succumbed to her circumstances – not only during her school and university going years, but
particularly through each of her innovation journeys – she would most certainly not be the internationally recognized technology entrepreneur, presenter at the World Economic Forum, and thought leader that she is today.

She strongly disagrees with the commonly held belief that successful people get lucky or start off with unfair advantages. In her words, if that were true, “…the people that had rich parents and went to great schools would all be the most successful…” , which is patently not the case.

In this Quick Insight video, extracted from a full length face to face interview, Rabana reveals what she firmly believes is the internal process that humans need to undergo, in order to achieve external and business success. Without a doubt, her own inspiring story is the compelling evidence that gives redence to her theories.

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