Business Leadership: ‘The thing I understand most is family’

Judy Dlamini is a business titan who relentlessly drives her companies, but is surprisingly guided by what some professionals would consider a ‘soft’ principle: she is first and foremost a mother and the foundation of a family.

However, don’t be fooled. This mother’s family is built around three values which she deems sacrosanct. She believes categorically that these are the values which have created her empire and her professional legend. And she takes them into her businesses every day….

In this two-minute, 27-second extract from an in-depth video interview documenting Dlamini’s lessons, business wisdom and experiences, she reveals the values that are core to the success of both her businesses and her family.

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In partnership with FNB, Moneyweb presents this bespoke leadership video series with top business people. The interview draws on the person’s life, failures and the lessons they have learnt on their journey to the successful leadership positions they hold today.

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