Business Leadership: Optimal use of time is probably the biggest choice one can make

Time management is hardly a subject one would associate with a passionate, creative firebrand, even less so a creative firebrand with a healthy disrespect for establishment rules.

However, Given Mkhari doesn’t fit the creative stereotype, or any stereotype for that matter.

Mkhari, one of the most recognised voices in South African radio, is also the founder and Group CEO of MSG Afrika Investment Holdings – a group that has investments in 15 companies in the media, ICT and communications fields, with operations in over 14 markets on the African continent.

So how did a teacher from Burgersdorp, in the province of Limpopo, end up in New York, working as a radio station producer and international correspondent for local South African radio stations, becoming not only a media mogul in the process, but also a business powerhouse in the African continent?

Mkhari literally puts it all down to time management. In this short extract from an intimate, full-length interview, he reveals the role that this concept played in his creative and business leadership….

Keep an eye out for the full-length interview, due to be published here on Thursday, January 12 2017.

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