Business Leadership: Leaders must imagine a new future, and pursue it

Maybe it’s an uncharacteristic thing for a business leader, serial entrepreneur and sought-after global business speaker to be saying, but Vusi Thembekwayo firmly believes that business leaders need to start thinking in different ways – and logically, for that to happen, they have to stop relying on their tried-and-tested business management formulae and strategies.

In his words, they have to ‘stop seeing the future like they used to in the past’.

Thembekwayo firmly believes that effective business leadership is about creating a different future for the business, as opposed to maintaining a holding pattern. In addition, business leaders not only need to imagine a new future, but also have to have the courage to pursue it.

In this extract from a full-length video interview, Thembekwayo discusses this issue and reveals law one of his ‘four laws of leadership’.

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