Are You Prepared for a layoff, Illness, or Divorce?- Robert Kiyosaki Quarantine Updates

If you (or you and your partner/spouse) stopped working today, how long could you survive financially?

That is a crucial question and one that most people will never calculate. This is why, when the unexpected happens—like a job layoff, an illness, or a divorce—so many people are not prepared.

This is also one reason why so many people are struggling in this economy. It’s at the time of the unexpected event that most people, for the first time, are forced to face the truth of where they are and how long they can survive financially.

For most, this calculation is sobering. It brings you and your money face to face. It is the most realistic and telling demonstration of exactly where you stand today financially.

For a lot of people, their number is 3 or less. That means they could only survive without paychecks for three months or less. They are basically living paycheck to paycheck. Some actually have a negative number, which means they are spending more every month than they are bringing in.

In his most recent update, Robert Kiyosaki answers the questions: What’s the difference between rich and wealthy?

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